The gang is all back together for the first time in a few episodes and we have a lot to talk about!

This is our official one year Anniversary Episode! THANK YOU TO OUR LISTENERS!


  • Doug is officially a PRIVATE PILOT!  Congratulations Doug!
  • New Year’s Resolutions
  • Doug’s Private Pilot checkride!
  • Mike and Elisabeth witnessed an off-airport landing at North Las Vegas Airport
  • Doug shares a story about a CAP pilot who busted a TFR
  • Zyola is starting school at Metro State College of Denver in the Aviation Department
  • Rommie had an accident with a stick and visited the ER! Ouch!
  • Every Private Pilot has their own theme music?
  • Mike likes a nice hard slip.
  • Doug has a cookie problem. He’s not planning on getting help for it, though.
  • Mike talks about the iFly 700 GPS from AdventurePilot
  • We talk about iPads and external GPS add-ons a bit
  • Mike took his youngest daughter up for a flight, and had to cancel.
  • Then took another flight over New Years to go visit his mom in California.
  • Mike and Elisabeth talk about Crew Coordination
  • We pick on the AOPA Wine Club (again) and lament that there doesn’t seem to be an official AOPA PinchHitter course anymore.
  • Nate talks about what airshows he’s going to put on the calendar for 2011.
  • Wisconsin was rated the drunkest city in the U.S.?!
  • Nate’s going to try to head out to the 182 tech seminar at Cessna Pilot’s Assn.
  • Talked about the guys trying to set the record for time aloft in a Skyhawk.
  • Elisabeth has questions about snowshoeing.
  • We talk about Mile High Flyers T-Shirts and we’re open to ideas!


  • Bart Whitehouse, Professor - Metro State University
  • @SoCalMichael - Pilot and ATC guy at North Las Vegas Airport
  • @ShotGunF15E - Darren is Deploying to Afghanistan for another tour. Be safe, friend!
  • Doug’s CFI’s, especially CFI Gabe for getting him ready for the checkride.
  • @LarryOverstreet - Larry’s great! 
  • @cholubaz - Chris in AZ, first solo Dec 26th 2010!


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Holiday Wishes from the Mile High Flyers to you, and a little modification of the age-old Night Before Christmas Story.

Thank you for a great 2010, as we go to air this episode is being released one day after our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Mile High Flyers!

We've enjoyed every minute of this first year, and look forward to more in 2011!

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On Sunday, December 5th 2010 - in conjunction with the Centennial of Women in Aviation organization, and because of the Fly It Forward campaign started by the amazingly talented Karlene Petitt of the Flight to Success blog, Nate & Zyola were honored to introduce Jackie from KOSI Radio in Denver to General Aviation.

Some links for more information: 

Centennial of Women in Aviation - 100 Years of Women Licensed Women Pilots

Karlene's blog, Flight to Success - Karlene put out a challenge and backed it with her own funds for prizes, but more importantly, helped with a HUGE event at her home airport near Seattle, WA.

Jackie's blog at KOSI Radio's Website - "I flew, I FLEW!"

Photo Album of the flight on the Mile High Flyers Facebook Page

The current tally as of the release of this podcast is 852 introductory flights for girls and women in 11 countries on 4 continents made by volunteer pilots worldwide.

Editor's Note: I *really* wanted to share this audio and this story with you all, and put in some crazy hours getting Episode 26 out of the can and on the site so I could get to this audio.  This is by FAR the best thing I've done in Aviation all year, and I want to thank Jackie and her friend for coming out and taking a flight in good old N1279M, and Zyola, Karlene and all the volunteers at Centennial of Women in Aviation for their efforts to get the word out and organize events. Take a girl or woman up flying, and show them the love and passion we all have for Aviation today.  Don't wait! -Nate 

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MHF Hosts: Nate, Zyola, Doug, Mike

Recorded: November 7, 2010

Editor's Note: Yes, once again Nate's audio is low so when I leveled it, it brings in some white noise because it's just so dang low... and if you listen closely during David's portion of the show, you'll hear one of his family members practicing a little piano! (Which is just proof that we're just normal folks, talking about aviation!)

And... yeah, note the recording date. Nate's trying to catch up on podcast releases! We'll get there!  Maybe by our 1-year anniversary in December?

 CH-21 "Flying Banana" Link from our discussion...

Who's been or is going flying? What have we been up to?


Accepted into the Aviation Systems Engineering Program with a Flight minor at Metropolitan State College for Spring 2011

Attended the last flight of Wings B-52: My blog post & pics of Shamu's last flight BUFF’s Final Flight, A B-52′s Final Duty Station

Mattel has added aviation back into the Barbie Pool: My blog about the new direction of Barbie & an intro to Desiree Horton Helicopter Barbie

Gave a tour for third graders at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

Shooting foam, rubber band rockets into the sky at the park with my daughter and drawing the interest of other parents.


Flying I won a beer from one of my CFI's

YE Eagles 301 - 24 flown, 508 for the year, 14 rallies. 

The flying banana -


Had a 2 day job in Kingman AZ so instead of driving I flew Gregs Tomahawk N9916T there monday am then back Tuesday late afternoon, Used iPad with foreflight and Air Nav Pro for flight, and MotionX with Satellite to Navigate around the Taxi ways at KIGM.

Thursday I met with Bob and we went up in his Piper Cherokee N779LK to get me checked out in it so I can start flying it when I want and it's available. We flew some maneuvers, slow flight, and pattern work, Bob said he was very comfortable with me flying his plane. At $35 hr dry it is slight cheaper than the Tomahawk which is $50 hr dry but only burns about 5gal hour. Bob and I had so much fun flying together that we went up again on Friday to do some pattern work.I had some issues with my Lightspeed headset in the Cherokee. Bought an adapter for Stero to Mono at Radio Shack and ....

Elisabeth and I flew to Sky Ranch

Sent deposit to Rainbow Aviation and started buying some more tools


79M fixed after fuel leak. Flew a little bit.

Visited Seattle and the Boeing widebody plant at Everitt, WA - Way cool!

Joined the iPad Aviation Air Force

CAP Promotion or back to old rank or... whatever. Helping out where needed.

Special Topic 

David Crawford (@CrawfordDavidE) joined us. He's the Wing Director of Operations for the Civil Air Patrol North Carolina Wing and an aviation enthusiast.

We talk about: 

Shoutouts & Thank You's

Flight Podcast

In the Pattern Podcast

MHF Mention in Uncontrolled Airspace podcast episode with DIA/Gun Club news. (Thanks @jackhodgson !)

Steve Tupper (@StevenForce) - Good job on taking the initiative to take aviation podcast information to a conference out in the real world in January! 

Jack Rumple (@Skyjack) - Making presentation on Podcasts for the Wings Museum

Bob from VGT for letting me fly N779LK

Robert Cigliano (@robertcigliano) new iPad owner!

Our Special Guest, David Crawford (@CrawfordDavidE)!

And... Nate's wife's Barbershop chorus, Skyline Chorus! Who won 5th Place at Internationals in Seattle, WA earlier this year!  Congratulations Skyline!

Reaching Across the Fence

Karlene Petitt (@karlenepetitt) - Centennial of Women Pilots

Airshow/Conference News

AOPA Summit in Long Beach, California, November 11-13, 2010 (OKAY - We missed this by our release date, sorry!)

Women in Aviation, International 2011 Conference in Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada, February 24-26, 2011

Cleared to Taxi to Parking 

Doug @dhindmanjr on Twitter    

Zyola @Supovadea, on Twitter, My Blogosphere,  MyTransponder, Girls With Wings, just Google Supovadea

Mike @Mike_Flys on Twitter,, MJD on MyTransponder

Nate @denverpilot on Twitter, MyTransponder, Facebook and the world

@MileHighFlyers on Twitter or email the crew at

Avionics Off

Always Check Density Altitude!

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We continue where we left off in Episode 24 with Daren @shotgun15e, Robert @robertcigliano, and the MHF gang, Zyola (@supovadea), Mike (@Mike_Flys) minus @dhindmanjr... 'cause he's busy gettin' his Private Pilot's license!


 THANKS SO MUCH TO OUR GUESTS! - Visit their websites at: 


  • Larry Overstreet (Hi Larry!)
  • Our guests for Episode 24 & 25
  • Steve Tupper for his work on AcroCamp and specifically the AcroGrass Theme (in the out-takes at the beginning of this episode)

Miscellaneous show notes:

  • Some of the news in this episode has already passed.  We apologize.  Nate's behind on editing.  We've given him twenty lashes with a wet noodle.
  • We hope the participants in the Collegiate Flying competition did great at KBJC in October (Go Metro Roadrunners!), and we're catching up on getting these out on time! 

Tech notes:

Something was wrong with Nate's mic level, and it added white noise whenever it was live.  I've fixed it. Apologies.  Also we experienced a very strange phenomenon on Skype that you can hear in Episodes 24 and 25... Zyola's audio was delayed both directions.  If it sounds like we're talking over each other sometimes, we are, but Zyola couldn't hear us until about 10 seconds later.  It creates some awkward-sounding back and forth at times.  The pauses aren't Z's fault.  It's Skype.  And it's strange. - Nate

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We begin a discussion about LSAs, Military/Restricted Airspace, and Flight Following and even a bit about iPads with Stuart Stevenson (@PilotStu), Robert Cigliano (@RobertCigliano), and Darren Storer (@Shotgun15e) which will be released over multiple episodes.

Hoover Dam/New Bridge flight pictures 

Hoover Dam/Bridge Video


Flight Test Nation Lakebed Fly in Pictures

Mohave Spaceport pictures 

Flight home from Mohave pics 

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As Doug and Mike drop off, we call and add Stewart Stoll (@CFIStew) to get his thoughts about Oshkosh. 

Adam Fast continues on with Stew and Nate, and we finish up with an invitation by Stew for everyone to come on down to Texas this fall for the Alliance Airshow, and burgers!  Burgers and F-22's, what could be better?!

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Adam Fast, one of the friends we all met at Oshkosh joins us to continue the Oshkosh stories episode, as we add him in "live" to the show after hearing that he was available via Twitter where he's @adamcanfly!

This is, after all... the /storage/podcasts/Oshkosh_Stories_Part2_Episode_22.mp3 that got started by people meeting up over social media! 

Adam is also the software author of the "world famous" website and tool for scheduling your days at Oshkosh each year.  And we all agreed, it's a great tool... but we all are darn lucky if we can actually stick to that schedule!

Adam discusses how he came to be at Juneau, WI (KUNU) at the same time that Nate was, and then tells the never-before-published story of how he singlehandedly almost shut down the Oshkosh 2010 Airshow one day!

Thanks for joining us and sharing your Oshkosh story Adam, we really enjoyed it. C'mon back anytime!

And if you think that's ALL... nope, we have one more surprise "guest host" waiting in the wings for Part 3!

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The Mile High Flyers get together to share Oshkosh 2010 stories. Doug, Mike and Nate all relate their stories.

This is Part 1 of a multi-part episode that comes from a HUGE marathon Skype session wherein we start telling our stories, and other friends from the online world become available online during the recording, and ... well, hey... it's the internet, and why not add them in and let them tell their stories too?

So we did!

Part 1 here is Doug, Mike, and Nate's contributions to the Oshkosh 2010 storytelling before some special guests let us know they are available, and willing to join us on Skype.  

Stay tuned for their stories in the next episode... or episodes!

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The reason this episode is 20 Bravo, is 20 Alpha & Bravo were recorded in the same week.

This is a quick podcast of a live recording of Monika Patrillo, the creator of the aviation movie Flyabout. and her introduction and Q&A after the first Denver screening of the movie at the newly renovated movie theatre at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum on August 18th, 2010.

Apologies for the audio quality -- it was 100% my fault [Nate: DenverPilot, that is!].  I had the portable recorder set to the completely wrong mode (highly compressed MP3 format).  I've done what I could to clean it up, but I don't think any of our feelings would be too hurt if you hit "skip" and move on to Episode 21! I had a funeral of a family member to attend the following day, so my mind was elsewhere.

Frankly, just go see her great movie at one of her showings, and hear her tell these stories in person! It's well worth it!  And it was great to meet Monika at Oshkosh this year!

Thanks so much to Monika for stopping by Denver!  We'll try harder to get the recordings RIGHT the next time!

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