MHF Hosts: Nate, Zyola, Doug, Mike

Recorded: November 7, 2010

Editor's Note: Yes, once again Nate's audio is low so when I leveled it, it brings in some white noise because it's just so dang low... and if you listen closely during David's portion of the show, you'll hear one of his family members practicing a little piano! (Which is just proof that we're just normal folks, talking about aviation!)

And... yeah, note the recording date. Nate's trying to catch up on podcast releases! We'll get there!  Maybe by our 1-year anniversary in December?

 CH-21 "Flying Banana" Link from our discussion...

Who's been or is going flying? What have we been up to?


Accepted into the Aviation Systems Engineering Program with a Flight minor at Metropolitan State College for Spring 2011

Attended the last flight of Wings B-52: My blog post & pics of Shamu's last flight BUFF’s Final Flight, A B-52′s Final Duty Station

Mattel has added aviation back into the Barbie Pool: My blog about the new direction of Barbie & an intro to Desiree Horton Helicopter Barbie

Gave a tour for third graders at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

Shooting foam, rubber band rockets into the sky at the park with my daughter and drawing the interest of other parents.


Flying I won a beer from one of my CFI's

YE Eagles 301 - 24 flown, 508 for the year, 14 rallies. 

The flying banana -


Had a 2 day job in Kingman AZ so instead of driving I flew Gregs Tomahawk N9916T there monday am then back Tuesday late afternoon, Used iPad with foreflight and Air Nav Pro for flight, and MotionX with Satellite to Navigate around the Taxi ways at KIGM.

Thursday I met with Bob and we went up in his Piper Cherokee N779LK to get me checked out in it so I can start flying it when I want and it's available. We flew some maneuvers, slow flight, and pattern work, Bob said he was very comfortable with me flying his plane. At $35 hr dry it is slight cheaper than the Tomahawk which is $50 hr dry but only burns about 5gal hour. Bob and I had so much fun flying together that we went up again on Friday to do some pattern work.I had some issues with my Lightspeed headset in the Cherokee. Bought an adapter for Stero to Mono at Radio Shack and ....

Elisabeth and I flew to Sky Ranch

Sent deposit to Rainbow Aviation and started buying some more tools


79M fixed after fuel leak. Flew a little bit.

Visited Seattle and the Boeing widebody plant at Everitt, WA - Way cool!

Joined the iPad Aviation Air Force

CAP Promotion or back to old rank or... whatever. Helping out where needed.

Special Topic 

David Crawford (@CrawfordDavidE) joined us. He's the Wing Director of Operations for the Civil Air Patrol North Carolina Wing and an aviation enthusiast.

We talk about: 

Shoutouts & Thank You's

Flight Podcast

In the Pattern Podcast

MHF Mention in Uncontrolled Airspace podcast episode with DIA/Gun Club news. (Thanks @jackhodgson !)

Steve Tupper (@StevenForce) - Good job on taking the initiative to take aviation podcast information to a conference out in the real world in January! 

Jack Rumple (@Skyjack) - Making presentation on Podcasts for the Wings Museum

Bob from VGT for letting me fly N779LK

Robert Cigliano (@robertcigliano) new iPad owner!

Our Special Guest, David Crawford (@CrawfordDavidE)!

And... Nate's wife's Barbershop chorus, Skyline Chorus! Who won 5th Place at Internationals in Seattle, WA earlier this year!  Congratulations Skyline!

Reaching Across the Fence

Karlene Petitt (@karlenepetitt) - Centennial of Women Pilots

Airshow/Conference News

AOPA Summit in Long Beach, California, November 11-13, 2010 (OKAY - We missed this by our release date, sorry!)

Women in Aviation, International 2011 Conference in Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada, February 24-26, 2011

Cleared to Taxi to Parking 

Doug @dhindmanjr on Twitter    

Zyola @Supovadea, on Twitter, My Blogosphere,  MyTransponder, Girls With Wings, just Google Supovadea

Mike @Mike_Flys on Twitter,, MJD on MyTransponder

Nate @denverpilot on Twitter, MyTransponder, Facebook and the world

@MileHighFlyers on Twitter or email the crew at

Avionics Off

Always Check Density Altitude!

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